Stone-cold weirdo here. Also part time struggling adventurer and wanna be dirt bagger. I’m the climber who is always bleeding, knees and shins are on. A day that I get to be outside is always a good day.

My name is Leah, I’m 24 years old and still am totally unsure of what I want to do with my life. I figure I have at least until I’m 30 to make any big decisions, like health insurance and maybe move out of my parents house. I’m from the tiny state of Vermont, graduated from a tiny university in Texas and have been bouncing from job to job since. Still haven’t quite found a use for my diploma yet, but I’m definitely working it! At least that’s what I tell my parents. For now I’ve got my eyes on international travel, but a soon to happen goal is vanlife. And all the wonderful things that go with living out of a car. I can not wait.

Not exactly sure what is going to happen on here, a few friends suggested I start a blog, so here it is. It’s probably gonna get real weird and somewhat awkward, but welcome to it!

You just gotta embrace the weirdness.