Today was just one of those fantastic days when you wish you were able to remember every moment. It was just that great. 

We had stand up paddle board guide training today, aka SUP guide. And it was wondeful. Broke in our new inflatable paddle boards, that just happen to day “YOLO” on the side, just only slightly douchy. I think we’ll be able to live with them. We had to transport them to the harbor and on to our junk boat, only slightly a pain in the ass. Then the whole process of blowing them up, fixing fins and lugging them back off the boat and into the water.

Wish I could say I took this, but photo credit to Daniel

Then the fun began! It really was one of those perfect days on the bay. The weather was great, the people were great, we were outside doing an awesome thing, it was just a spectacular day! We were lucky enough to get caught in a brief downpour, absoutely amazing. The rain ran across the water, hard enough to make it seem like it was raining upwards. Such a fantastic day.

New paddle boards!

And off to Hanoi tomorrow for the start of my visa run! 


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