Events of the Week

Lots of things have happened in the past week and they’ve all been wonderful. Had a little too much fun with a bottle of tequila, celebrated my roomie’s birthday, started working out in the mornings, and gently crashed a scooter. It’s been a wonderfully eventful week.


Climbing in the Valley

After a day of climbing, we went out to celebrate the fact that we have such wonderful jobs. One beer led to more, more beers led to a shot of tequila, a shot of tequila led to a bottle. It was a wonderfully drunken night with excellent friends. Had my first taste of late night street food, another somewhat drunken ride home and a lost bet. Unfortunately I was the one who lost. The next morning was a little rough, thankfully I was off. Caught up on a few Netflix episodes and managed to sleep off the hangover! Still haven’t paid off the lost bet though!

My roommate had her birthday a few days ago, she didn’t want anyone to know, but we all found out anyways. Celebrated with a wine and cheese and a cake war. I think there’s still bits of frosting in my hair, definitely still chunks of cake scattered around the hotel.

Then it was back to work. I still believe that I have one of the best commutes to work ever. Getting to ride through the bay on a junk boat while the sun is shining off to go climb some rocks is one of the best ways to get to work. Everyday I’m amazed that I’m getting paid to do this job. I do have my mock kayak lead tomorrow, if I pass, I’ll officially be a guide and will be able to lead kayak tours on my own. I’m a little nervous, but feel pretty confident that I’ve got the routes down, so it’ll be great.

A day off today, planning on hitting up the Valley and get some climbing in!


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