So today I may have had the best coffee I’ve ever had! Basically dessert in a cup, but it was coffee so totally acceptable as breakfast.

It became my mission for the morning to get some of this coffee, mostly because I’d heard how amazing it was from so many of my co-workers. Pretty sure at least three different people told me how amazing it was and how I needed to try it. So that was my goal for the day. Caroline, an awesome French Canadian from work, headed to the coffee bar before I started my shift.

The coffee place, called Like Coffee, looked almost westernized, it could have been just at home in any small American town. The guys working there were super friendly, like all the lovely Vietnamese people I’ve met, and gave us a menu. We didn’t really look at anything else, just ordered up two egg coffees. Slightly expensive for a coffee, but we hoped it’d be worth it!

We were also served a cup of tea to go with the coffee, it came out before the good stuff. Maybe some kind of green tea, I wasn’t really sure what it was exactly. But it was pretty amazing too. Although I can’t say I’ve had anything bad here yet!


Egg coffee might be my new addiction

Then the grand coffee came out, looking more like a dessert than a breakfast drink. It was just as amazing as everyone had told me. A super creamy, rich coffee, I could have had like 5 more, it was that good. Definitely better than the french vanilla gas station coffee I’m used to at home. And definitely worth the price. I drank it down fairly quickly, wishing there was a second cup.

But then it was off to work. I did feel way more awake, the perfect start to my Monday morning. Although now I might be slightly addicted.

There’s worse things to be addicted to than egg coffee right?


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