Last Night At Home

Tonight is my last night in the States. Not entirely sure when I’ll be back as I don’t have a return flight yet.

Another epic flight across the world with a 12 hour layover in Moscow included. This time I actually already have a job and a place to live, so I’m at least a few steps ahead of where I was on my last trip. Maybe I’m starting to get the hang of this travel thing. But maybe not.


It’s still hard to say bye to friends and family. When I do there’s that little voice thinking what if I stayed, what if I just settled down in an apartment and got a job and didn’t travel for six months at a time, but there’s that much larger voice telling me what an adventure I’m going to have. As much as I want the “normal” things in life, I want to see the world more.

Tomorrow we’ll (my parents and I ) will be leaving around 5:30 in the morning so they can drop me off at the JFK airport. It would have been way easier, and possibly cheaper, to fly from Boston, but mistakes were made. Kind of like the movie I accidentally bought tonight, but as long as I get there, things will be great! Starting off my trip with an awesome nine hour plane ride to Moscow. Last trip I managed to watch three movies on the flight, might be a le to top it this time.

After a lovely 12 hour stint in Russia, it’ll take another nine hour flight and then I’ll be in Hanoi, Vietnam! The fantastic thing is that there’s another guy coming in the same day so we get to meet each other at the hotel then carry onto our new place of the the following day.

It’s all very exciting, and sorry if this is all just a jumble of thoughts, I’ll work on that.

So good bye USA until next time!

All packed and ready to go


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